Win a Premium Membership!

To celebrate our new platform in the UK, we are going to giveaway a Premium Membership.

How can I win?

Solve the puzzle below, get the coordinates, go to the location, find the flag and make a picture with it & send it to

The puzzle

The flag is hidden at N 51° AB.CDE′ W °005.FFG′.

A. The current queen of the UK is Elizabeth A+1

B. Who was the last monarch to be born in Scotland?
Number behind name is B (i.e. James IV: B = 4)

C. The population of Wales is roughly the same as … ?
Canada = 3
Ireland = 5
New Zealand = 7
Singapore = 8

D. How many Spice Girls are there?

E. If London were a country, it would be the ‘E’th largest in Europe.

F. How many colors has the UK flag?

G. The famous bell in London is called …
 (number of letters = G, i.g. James = 5)